Croatia offers everything I could possibly ask for. Seaside with perfectly clear water, mountains and great, fresh fruits. The week we have spent there, driving down the sea coast was an amazing time. With the idea to wild camp we were able to be everyday in a different place and sleep with the great sea views almost all the time. Hearing the hum of the waves in the night and seeing the calm sea in the morning just a few steps from the car – that’s just one of the highlights of the travel. Even though spotting the perfect place was sometimes a little bit time consuming, all in all it was all worth it. Especially when the coast road offered the breathtaking views on the sea and mountains at the same time, leading us up and down and letting us admire this natural beauty of Croatia.

Croatian city Pula

It was our first stop during the whole, long journey. First night was spent wild-camping in the area of other campings. We slept in the car with our foam mattress, which was cut into the right shape by R. During the day we decided to take a stroll in the city center and reached the famous amphitheater looking like a colosseum. However even though I enjoyed the big palms that were surrounding us, the whole city didn’t make a great impression on us. The access to the coast was also quite hard, because most of the areas were owned by the private camping spots – it wasn’t exactly what we looked for. So we decided to move further.

Rijeka, Croatia

 Rijeka was another good stop. We had a stroll in the neighborhood of the harbor and walked through the amazingly empty city centre during the weekend. The main avenue, Korzo gives also the possibilities to visit multiple coffee places, confectioneries and bakeries. And even though we have seen it during the day, I assume that it looks equally beautiful during the evening. The famous city tower (Gradski Toranj) is also located nearby.
Rijeka definitely made a good impression on us and I would like to come back there again.

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar was definitely a touristy place. Parking the car there meant leaving it on the paid parking lot full of other vehicles. However it’s enough to use those a little bit further from the city to avoid high prices.
Walking along the boulevard you could admire rows of palms, parked motorboats and bigger boats. The way to the coast wasn’t problematic and we managed to walk there. The architecture of the old town was significantly different than the modern blocks that we left behind. Here you could visit the famous square with the St. Donat’s Church, a bit further walk on the solar panels, which are shining with lights in the evening and end up in my favorite spot – sea organs.

Have you been in any of those places? How did you like it?