I’ve used to hear positive opinion about Budapest from my mum. Or rather one opinion: “Budapest? Beautiful!”. But that was enough to raise the level of my curiosity. Without any doubt Hungary landed on my list of countries to visit and it was possible to achieve without problems during our Balkan journey. Now, when I live in Austria, Budapest is closer than ever and it’s a perfect opportunity to visit it again. A car ride from Graz is around 4 hours, and from Vienna around 2 hours.
So what about this place charmed me so much, that I’m recommending it as a weekend getaway (especially for couples)?

 Food in Budapest is delicious

Beginning with well known in Poland and Austria twisted cakes (rolled on the wooden pegs and baked above the heat, sprinkled with sugar), langoses, letchos and goulashes. Hungarian cuisine for sure will satisfy the taste buds of those, who appreciate the stronger flavors and a big amount of vegetables. Pepper is strongly valued in here and used as a main ingredient of the dishes, as well as in the form of seasoning. While being in Budapest it’s good to buy some smoked pepper, which will for sure spice up your home cooked meals.
While being in the city and feeling like having some lunch, pick the combination of classic and modernity and visit the restaurant called Getto Gulyas, which I strongly recommend. Located by Wesselenyi utca 18., Budapest 1078, Hungary in the Jewish neighborhood. Interesting interior, nice staff and fantastic food will be remembered by you for long. Prices are affordable.
Getto Gulyas Restaurant. /source: TripAdvisor

Budapest is perfect for sightseeing while walking

Location of most of the important spots, buildings and restaurants allows sightseeing by feet. Not only this way saves money, but also time. During our visit we decided to leave the car parked close by our rented flat – transportation to the center and back was made by underground. Thanks to that we didn’t get stuck in traffic.
Summer in Budapest has its charm, especially when you walk around the boulevards. While walking, you discover more and you can find spots that you would definitely miss while driving a car in there.

Architecture of Budapest impresses a lot

Bridges, boulevards and of course, the parliament. Budapest seems to be made to be watched in awe. With every step I’ve managed to find something that caught my attention. The most important spot for me was at the boulevard: famous shoes on the Danube Bank, which I’ve mentioned in here (click). This amazing monument fits in to the historical feeling of the city.

 Budapest is affordable and it’s a great alternative for the other capitals

 Even though Paris (7 ideas for budget sightseeing), Sweden (favorite spots) or even Vienna (Palace) are the great locations for spending the free time and discovering new places, but their prices may affect our planned budget negatively. Balkans in comparison to the most popular destinations, are affordable, and it doesn’t change that fact that it’s still an amazing, charming opportunity for sightseeing. Budapest fits into this. It’s an amazingly beautiful, historical city in where everybody will find something great, without spending a fortune. Of course it all depends on our needs and possibilities.

An evening in Budapest looks like a movie scene

As night falls, the city changes its colors into the new tones. All the important buildings are lit up, but the bridges by the boulevard and the parliament make the biggest impression. While wandering around and admiring the birds flying over the top of the building, I had a feeling that it’s a movie scene. Budapest is undoubtedly amazing.
Have you been there already? What is your opinion about the city?