While having a stroll at the boulevard in Budapest, you can spot something extraordinary. Shoes by the Danube’s shore. Placed in the rows, many times with the flowers inside, they’re awaiting for their owners, who have never returned. This amazing, touching monument is one of the strongest memories from the travel in Hungary and Budapest. That’s why I think it’s worth to share this experience with you.

Shoes on the Danube Bank

 Even though they look like real, used leather, in reality they’re iron casts of the shoes which, in the 1940s were left in the same place by the holocaust visctims. While walking around in the Budapest it”s worth to spend some time to take a look at this unusal monument. This time even the tourist aren’t bothering in the minute of silence, which accompanies almost everyone, who’s coming there.
The shoes look like real and I guess that is the most touching part: the awarness of the cruelty and execution that took place in the exact spots, which nowadays are full of hum and joy of the citizens of Budapest and tourists, who are spending time by the river.
I think that this place will affect the imagination of visitors more than any history lesson.
The monument is located at: Budapest, Id. Antall József rkp., 1054 Hungary.

If you have ever seen them, share your opinion!