As you may already know, it happens very rarely that on the blog appears any post discouraging to visit any place or country. And even though I always try to sum the journey having in mind both: pluses and minuses, this time Sunny Beach came out from the summarison too porly to talk about this place in superlatives only. But it’s only a part of a whole, amazing Country in which I have managed to discover its good sides while visiting Sofia, the capital. Altogether (without counting the short pauses) we stopped in Bulgaria 3 times: in the little village Aheloy, Sofia and Sunny Beach. So why it’s not worth going there?


1. Sunny Beach is dominated by the hotels

If your desire is to meet the real Bulgaria, looking for it in Sunny Beach leads nowhere. Even though I knew that this place belongs to truly touristy spots, I didn’t realize that the horizon is almost completely dominated by hotels, hostels and other resorts. The culture lovers should rather seek the Bulgarian beauty in Sofia, which made a great impression on both of us.

2. Fast food in every corner

McDonald’s on the way to the promanade? Kebab in between Shopping? All the fatty desires are in one spot – or rather all the solutions for the hangovered party people. 🙂 Unfortunately finding here the real, Bulgarian cuisine is on the border to the miraculous. While visiting the country I always have to try the local dish. However when you really need it, it’s not impossible and right after the city centre we have reached Lapa Lapa (located at: Kv. Chaika No36) where the gulash reached beyond my expectations. By my suggestion we went there again the next day which indicates very well about the place. But as I said, the Sunny Beach didn’t make a good impression on us in the culinary sector.

3. Sunny Beach is a town of stores and adverts

The views in the city aren’t the prettiest. At every corner you can meet the special offers made for tourists, the stores full of hanging gadgets, replicas of famous brands and everything that most of the people definitely don’t need for spending a nice holiday. Unfortunately during the day it looks quite grim. In the evening it’s highlighted by the neons, because this place is called the most party-type resort.

4. In Sunny Beach you will meet crowds of tourists

It happened to me to visit quite popular places, in which tourists are a natural element of the landscape. But not even Rome, Paris or Vienna can compare with what I have seen on the way to the promenade. Crowds following the clubs,groups of teenagers, pervasive kitsch, music, bling-blings and to all of it: parrots to take photos with. While getting lost in all of it, I didn’t know if I have too high expectations, or maybe that I just don’t fit to the typical picture of the tourist. Those places are completely discouraging me for the next visit and I only see in them the money making machine.

5. Dirty sea

So used to the beautiful, paradise-like landscapes of Croatia, I’ve already seen myself diving and discovering the underwater world of Bulgaria. Unfortunately during the first try I said a categorical NO to baths in Aheloy. I remember well our Polish sea, which isn’t the cleanest in the world, but it’s the Black Sea which landed on my list of the dirtiest spots. In Sunny Beach it wasn’t better at all. I didn’t resist walking around the shore though, but the divine bathing spots had to wait for another location.

And with all of it… I had lots of fun!

Sounds surprisingly? First she gives the reasons according to which it’s not worth going there and then she writes that she had a great fun. Travels lasting for three weeks are somehow special, because you can find great spots on the way. Better and worse, most beautiful and ugly ones. But that’s what it’s all about, to discover as much as possible and enjoy every minute. Walking around and being unhappy about it it’s not the key. It’s always good to try to see advantages in the place that we’re currently at. And that’s how we have changed Aheloy for a better hotel in which the evening view made it up to us. The Iguana Hotel, which is located a bit further from the city centre, was a great steppingstone from the crowded city. While being in Sunny Beach we tried to enjoy the time to the fullest. And even though we had spent this weekend in a really positive atmosphere, I would definitely avoid coming back there (especially for the periods longer than the weekend). For those who are not planning to spend every eveing at the party and hamburger, it’s just not so suitable place. Instead I’d recommend going to Sofia which would match the expectations of many travellers.
And speaking of Sofia, I immediately have on mind one of the best restaurants we’ve visited. While searching for the local cuisine and great wine, we ended up in Hadjidraganov’s Cellars przy ul.Hristo Belchev 18. Not only we went out with one liter of home-made wine, but also with full stomachs. Never before the dessert has been actually bigger than the main course for two people – and at the same time so delicious. That’s why it’s always good to give the second chance to the country, which didn’t make the best first impression on us, and for sure we will discover its better sides.
Evening view from the terrace.

Sofia, Bulgaria

What do you think about this place? Does it have good or bad sides to you? 🙂