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    My 5 favorite shows to binge watch during Autumn season

      When it comes to Netflix I went from “who needs that?” to “who doesn’t have it?” in quite short time. Finally I had it all in one place: new movies, new episodes of favorite shows to binge, and no more searching in Google trying to find the the new episode available somewhere online that turns out to have super bad quality, or loads for ages. Let’s be honest, we all do/did it. After I switched to Netflix (and paid for the account with my friends, which is very convenient), I honestly can’t imagine going back. I’m simply too lazy. The second episode that starts exactly 10 seconds after I…

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    Binge watching: why you should watch Breaking Bad

     I remember my first approach to the Breaking Bad series. It was a good few years ago and after watching the first episode, I lost any desire to continue watching. The show seemed bland and boring, in contrast to the general admiration and very flattering opinions that the Internet was already flooded with. Not understanding what’s so special about it, I switched to Dexter and Gray’s Anatomy, which still exists somewhere in the background, but I completely lost my enthusiasm for it after the episodes began to go on forever. But what prompted me to give a second chance to the Breaking Bad series? And why, in my opinion, it…