I always had a good feeling about Prague. Beautiful sights, delicious food and now on the top of that – friends, who we wanted to visit and make a sightseeing together. And of course, to bring the wooden mole key-chain for my mum. This little mole is a symbol of Czech Republic due to the kid’s animated movie (I’ve also used to watch it!).
Not hesitating longer, we decided to drop the idea of coming with a plane, but to use the car instead. The travel between Austrian Graz and Czech Hradec Králové (485 km), where we’ve spent two nights turned out to be faster than expected. Except of the snow storm on the way, we’ve managed to find the spot without any problem, where we were welcomed by our favorite Czech, Michal.
The next day, all ready to explore, we drove together to Prague (118km), where we also met the long-time-no-see Martina and have a typical Czech meal together – one of them surprised me particularlz, because it was a meat with… whipped cream (Svickova). We also didn’t refuse ourselves trying out the Czech beer and local candies, which also traveled with me in a big box to Austria. Round, chocolate Fidorkas, Lentilky, Orion chocolates and stuffed waffles – those are just some of the long list of sweet souvenirs.
And even though I usually tend to check out places which are worth visiting in the internet, this time I knew we can totally rely on Michal, and he became our guide, showing us the castle with a wonderful view, famous Charles Bridge and the old-towns astronomical clock. Unfortunately the weather didn’t spoil us that day, so we had to warm ourselves up with some hot coffees and sweet bombardino.
Check some of the photos from our journey below.


Tasting Czech Pilsner and enjoying the company of the Mole