Badges, patches, iron-on’s – even though you can find them under diverse names, they undoubtledly became a hit of the season. Jackets, jeans, baseball caps and even shoes, all of it since some time we can buy with those colorsul addings, which I remember from the ’90s. Unfortunately even though the price of those items is usually low, the product designed and decorated with them costs much more than average. So if you like the trend of patches, but you don’t want to waste too much money, I show you an idea of a simple denim jacket which I decorated personally.


Denim jacket with patches

 The base of my project was a simple, white, denim jacket (New Yorker), patches has been ordered online (you can find similar through:,,
I believe that the more the better so I didn’t restrict myself with colors or with the amount of patches on my jacket. Some of them has been ironed, the others has been sewed in to make sure they will hold.
For some that kind of jacket may be childish – for me it’s a great springy addition to the closet. In combination with the backpack it makes the whole outfit look comfortable and fun.
What do you think about the project? Did you ever decorate any pieces of clothing by yourself?