Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik

 While having a stroll in the Croatian Dubrovnik, especially in the center, every now and then I was spotting the souvenir stores full of gadgets from Game of Thrones. It took me a while to remember that it was exactly here where many scenes from the series has been recorded! It’s definitely a fun fact for all the fans, who are able to find here sights that until now were seen only in tv. However even except of unquestionable charms of the city, beautiful fortress and water encouraging to just have a bath… there are too many tourists. Until now, avoiding crowded places we were keeping close to the coast, and that allowed us to find divine, empty beaches. Here we’ve made an exception – I heard many good things about this city, and the internet posts encouraged to visit as well. That worked, because it resulted in huge crowds. The walk in the streets by the fortress reminded me sometimes of a penguin’s walk, pushing myself somewhere between different nations, touching all the sweaty arms. Eh, well, it’s not how it should be! So what I liked about Dubrovnik?
The map shows where Game of Thrones has been recorded /source: HBO

Fortress in Dubrovnik

I’m a fan of all castles and fortresses. While traveling by car I’m always trying to spot them on the hills and mountains. In Austria it’s possible quite often because even the remains of the walls are in most cases highlighted. Dubrovnik itself made me feel like it’s one big fortress as well – and I liked it! Especially the closeness of the exotic fruits and limes growing right by the entrance to it. Of course I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t grab one with the greatest pleasure and with pride try to… bite it. Well, I don’t know if anybody else would ever think of biting the lime with its skin, but in case if it happens, I don’t recommend. 🙂


Eat burek with cheese in Dubrovnik

 For the first time I accidentally stumbled upon those typical, rolled pastries while visit in Sarajevo. I have chosen the option with cheese and right after that I knew that it’s gonna be one of my favorite dishes, or snacks during the whole travel. Tasting a little bit like the filling from dumplings, Croatian bureks with cheese are definitely a must try. When I was about to leave the city I couldn’t refuse myself taking one for the way.
Burek with cheese


Old Town in Dubrovnik – worth seeing!

I’m pleased by the view of well preserved remains of old times. That’s how the old town in Dubrovnik looks like; beautiful, bringing thoughts about the lives of inhabitants from the previous centuries. In the combination of motorboats, coffee places and magical corners, it all makes an interesting integrity. However as I mentioned before, the amount of tourists is huge. At every step we have to expect to bump onto somebody with camera, somebody trying to squeeze in a narrow street with a trolley or that we will be pushed by the elbow. Charms of being a tourist, right?
But it’s enough to just step out of the most common paths, and to not follow only after TripAdvisor (but it’s useful in many cases too), to discover views where nobody will disturb you while you admire them. The biggest crowd is of course located by the fortress and the surroundings. I recommend to move little further, where you can have a view on the biggest part of the old town with the palms and beach.

Budget sleeping options in Dubrovnik – which camping is the best?

Dubrovnik was the only place in Croatia, where we’ve decided to sleep on the camping field. During the travel through the coast we used the option of sleeping in the car with the adjusted mattress, but the day before visiting Dubrovnik, we went on a quick journey to… Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegowina. After the long travel, when we were finally back to Croatia in the late evening, finding the right spot to park the car was nearly impossible. Tired, we have crossed the city a few times, but then we have given up and searched for a few budget sleeping options. The best were the camping fields with tent pitches located nearby the city, what wasn’t a problem with our own transportation.
First we went to Camp pod Maslinom (in Orašac) because it had great reviews, but after arriving it turned out that there aren’t any free spots. The nice worker advised us to check the camping located on the other side of the street – Auto Kamp Peča in which we finally stayed. The price for two people, car and the tent was 10 euros – with available bathroom and showers and wifi. Everybody spoken English there and it was even possible to hear some Polish people around. The place was clean, we could choose where we want to have our tent and I didn’t have any objections. I recommend.



Croatia still remains as one of my favorite countries. But what do you think about Dubrovnik?