This year I often hear from friends that this is the last or rather the longest holiday of their lives. Most of us have already finished college and we are at the stage where we are looking for our place on earth. However, one must admit that the term “last” is too pessimistic. That this stage of life carries much more advantages than minuses. And when I analyzed my travels aside from work, I realized that there were not so little of them – and I had enough time for everything. I have traveled abroad many times, traveled around the country and visited really amazing places – and my proper long holidays were just about to happen. It comes out that the willingness and good organization counts the most, and the work itself does not have to be a problem among it all. I try to appreciate everything that I’ve earned and also that the holidays in Austria are the longest in Europe! From the first days of employment, employees receive up to 5 weeks of paid leave, which increases further with their length of the duty (in Poland it is 20 days or 26 days after 10 years of service).
So it’s a sign to pack the suitcase and go for an adventure! But before we do, it is important to get the most important items, without which holiday home would not be the same. Read more to discover my essentials for the travels.

1. Inflatable flamingo


Inflatable flamingo wins in the list of holiday essentials. It was popular in the 90s (although the crocodile was the most popular among the kids!) and quickly became the trend of the instagram. There is no way to get away from the lamingos in the pools, often accompanied by inflatable unicorns, pretzels, donuts, or even pizza slices. This trend has been good for the shops that offer various holiday gadgets. Popular flamingo can be bought in the Primark store chain (€ 12, about 50zł) or via the internet (allegro, ebay, amazon).


2. Sunscreen with a high UV filter


Sunscreen during holidays is my basis. Not only will we protect ourselves from the burns, but we will also do our skin a favor, because it does not age like sun-dried skin.
Do not worry – you will also tan with a filter, but a little healthier. Also remember to lubricate or cover your tattoos.

3. Bandana or hair band

My holiday is a combination of relaxation and activity. But nothing bothered me in enjoying free time more than the inconvenient, eye-poking hair. Then when I can not boast of the gorgeous surfer girl’s hairstyle, I use all sorts of bands and bandanas for my hair. The bigger ones are also useful to protect your hair from drying out and losing color (even when you do not dye your hair).




4. Sunglasses

For the beach and the car – sunglasses are never a bad idea. My favorite model is the classic Clubmaster (Ray Ban).

5. Waterproof Go-Pro Camera

To capture the best moments, standard cameras sometimes are not enough. Go-Pro camera gave me great shots in the most demanding conditions – swimming in the lake, rain, climbing, running or falling. Thanks to the safe cover, nothing will harm it while capturing memories. It is also useful when you do not have much room in your pocket or purse (it’s fitting in your hand) or when traveling with a standard SLR camera would be uncomfortable due to weight or fear of theft.

6. Sunglasses or diving mask

I love diving! Especially if I have such beautiful and crystal clear beaches like the ones that I visited last year in Croatia. Swimming goggles do not occupy as much space as the mask, they are cheap (I bought in Decathlon for a few euros!) and you will be able to discover underwater world. In addition, taking them with us saves money, because tourist towns sell water equipment with considerably inflated prices and the products are mostly of low quality.
My glasses will serve me for the second year in a row.

7. Kindle Paperwhite Reader

I’ve always associated summertime trips with a good book. For many years I have tested various readers (I started with the first models of so-called palmtops!) And now I am faithful Kindle Paperwhite user (with backlit), whose battery will last for up to a month (!) of use and will hold all your favorite titles and … language dictionaries that will be useful for traveling abroad.

8. Address-book

It may not seem like a true holiday essence, but I always take it with me. Purchased good one several years ago at Empik (polish papercraft store) and it works great at times when I want to send  postcards. And although I know it’s a pretty forgotten habit, I really like it! I’m always happy when I get my friends’ postcards.

9. Ziplock foil bag

Regular ziplock bag is the most useful item and another favorite on my list of 10 holiday utilities. Be sure to store documents, phone, SD card, or other things that can not get water or sand. It will also be useful for storing food. It can be used multiple times.

10. Beach towel and microfiber towel

A beach towel is a basic holiday essential, but remember that you may not be able to dry up in time. Traveling with a wet towel at a time when we do not have him hang out is very uncomfortable.
Microfiber towel dries very quickly and takes up little space.
And what are yours holiday must haves?