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*English: Amazon Kindle and its different versions are the most popular e-book readers, which means that they are like electronical books. With time they gained lots of faithful supporters, and they still earn new followers. The biggest advantage of e-readers is their compactness and the convenience of using. It will be mostly appreciated by the travellers like me, who are not forced to carry with them any heavy books, which are not enough for the whole journey either way. And even though I really enjoy traditional books and reading while I feel the paper under my fingers, since ten years I’m using different types of readers – from old palmtops to Kindle Paperwhite, which I decided to buy two years ago. 
Until now I know it was the best investition of mine and I can’t imagine any travel without this device, or even lectures during which I had my notes on it, as well as textbooks. 
Before the purchase I was reading many reviews, but I still had plenty of questions. How the Kindle really works? How to charge it? What kind of book formats I can read on it? And most important – does it really work well as the book replacement?
So today I will share with you my opinion after using it for a longer period and I will answer all the questions about it. It’s my independent opinion and it’s not sponsored post or item. Check it out. 

Kindle Paperwhite Amazon czytnik

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite reader

I decided to take a Paperwhite version for a few reasons. I’m not really into reading on the typical screens (laptop, smartphone), but I appreciate the convenience of having the screen backlight. It happened to me multiple times while having a typical book with me, that the light during the travel didn’t allow me to read, and all those tiny lamps that you can attach, just weren’t useful in my case. It wasn’t that type of comfort that I was seeking. The Kindle Classic version, even though it’s cheaper and its interface doesn’t vary so much fro Paperwhite – it does not have a backlight, which is a big disadvantage. It’s obviously nice to just be able to sit in the bus, plane or even during the evening on your balcony with a subtle backlight, which isn’t tiring for the eyes and just read something interesting. I’m convinced by that.

Reader Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle reader – which file format works with the device? And how to send books? 


The most popular type of files when it comes to Kindle is MOBI.  This format is being used by most of the internet stores, where you can buy e-books and send to your device. You can use all the standard files like PDF, Word files (doc, docx), normal text files TXT and many more that I didn’t have a purpose of using until now. In 90% MOBI files are enough and they work best and most convenient. After opening an exemplary book you can click on the chapter of your choice in the table of contents and immediately it’s opened. You can mark and copy fragments of your interest, use multiple bookmarks, write notes to not forget about your ideas, and even share your favorite quotations and reviews online. It often happens to me that I find books that I need in different formats like EPUB, but it’s not an obstacle and I quickly convert it to MOBI by free online EPUB to MOBI converters in a few seconds. 
Books and other files can be transfered on Kindle by a cable (from the set), and by using the same cable you can charge your Kindle from laptop of by normal plug. You don’t need to buy any special chargers and the standard-sized cable fits also to the phones. Although my favorite option is sending files online by using the integrated, personal e-mail adress with the ending This way is really easy as well and your reader will receive and automatically download the file as long as it has wi-fi connection (in my case it’s at home and in the frequently visited places)- so you don’t need to connect anything and you can send files comfortably on a distance. Awesome!
Similar case is while buying books online which are appearing on your device right after the payment. And you can use diversified free books available on as well.  

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite manual

Kindle – what you will find in the manual? 

Well, for some it may be bad news, because the menu of Kindle is available in many languages (typically in English), but there’s no option of switching it to Polish. Of course we can still use Polish books, write reviews and download and use Polish dictionaries, but it may not be very comfortable for some people. However you can find all options easily, and in most cases they’re under symbols, and opening the book means just clicking on the cover. For those who don’t mind using English (or others), the manual will be useless and I didn’t use it even once. Right after unpacking the reader we will be guided through every step and just after a moment we will be able to start reading the first books. Obligatory is registering the device on Amazon. com (even if you bought it in the different store – still do it, and de-register while selling). It will help you using the integrated e-mail, store the files you send in Kindle Cloud Reader from where you can bring them back in case of accidental deleting from the device. The technical support from the producer is working well accoding to the online reviews, however I never had the need of using it. 
While having the wi-fi connetion we will be informed about the possibility of updating Kindle, what I’ve done lately and got surprised by a slightly different looking menu.

Kindle Amazon czytnik Paperwhite


Is Kindle Paperwhite really like paper? 

When I ordered it two years ago and I opened the box, I wanted to remove the sticker with some text that has been places on the screen. Well, for my surprise it wasn’t a sticker, but some information visible while Kindle was in the sleep mode. It explains a lot. And even though with the time I got used to the way the screen looks like, its texture still reminds me paper. Kindle is black and white, which means that all the graphics (like book covers and charts) are like this as well. In my opinion it’s the closest thing to paper that the electronical device can be and it really doesn’t make eyes tired, even if you read for hours (I’m a bookworm 🙂 ). With the maximum light the paper feeling disappears a bit, but it’s still not a glossy glass like when it comes to traditional screens. In the touch Kindle Paperwhite seems softer and it does not leave fingerprints on the screen! The reader doesn’t have problems with sun reflections either, which means that you can read in total darkness and in the bright light outside without any problem (I frequently read during tanning or picnics). The visibility is great from all angles and nothing gets blurred when you read in a different position – just like with a normal book. 

Kindle Paperwhite Amazon obudowa etui


Kindle battery – how I turned my reader three times during two years 

It sounds quite odd and incredible, but it really works this way that you just… don’t turn off your Kindle.  It’s not lat you can’t – but you just don’t need to! When you finish reading your book, it’s enough to click the button located under the logo (or close the cover with automatic sleep mode) and on the screen appears a random graphic (black and white) that you can’t change. That’s how the sleep mode looks like and appears also if you leave it without movement for a longer while. Waking up looks the same and it’s just enough to press the button (the only one the Kindle has). And with this graphic our Kindle can stay for days, weeks, months… and after turning on it still has most of the battery. 🙂 If there’s a need, you can turn it off completely by just holding the button longer and turn in on the same way, but in my opinion it’s not changing much. Kindle just doesn’t need this switch and the sleeping mode doesn’t affect the battery negatively. 
How frequent you need to charge the reader? It all depends on your needs and how long we read on it (with backlight and internet or without), but in my case one charge lasts for 1-2 months easily including daily reading from 1 to couple of hours with backlight. It’s my saviour during long trips, during which I’m often afraid that my phone and laptop will die, and the book wouldn’t be enough. Now I always have a few books prepared in advance and instead of carrying some heavy titles, I just have Kindle and it’s my replacement for all of the space consuming items. Just the fact of having a battery like this convinced me to the purchase.

Kindle Paperwhite Amazon independent opinion

Kindle Paperwhite – my honest opinion

I’m not a type of gadget collector, who has to change every device right after hearing about new releases (which aren’t very different from the basic versions). And that kind of replacements aren’t in the range of my possibilities due to limited funds. My purchases are always well thought-out because I care about the good quality of a thing that will last without harm for years. I was thinking for a long time if I really need that kind of reader, but luckily I decided myself to buy. Now I can’t imagine a day without it and I’m throwing it to the bag without hesitating, because I read in the public transportation, while waiting for the lectures (or during boring ones), at home, in the travel – literally everywhere!
I tried to recall any situation while I was complaining on the reader and I honestly couldn’t remember. It never crashed and never discharged in an unexpected moment (even now I have the message about the low battery which is here for a few days and I’m still reading). I never had any technical errors and I never ran out of space (I’ve got 4GB which was never filled and I’m far from it). In my previous entry I noticed the fingerprints, but on the cover, instead of the screen. I forgot about this issue in the moment I ordered my cover. By the way I stopped worrying about crashing the screen or scratching it, because both sides are protected (also for a low price you can pick a cover with opening and waking up mode). The time of charging can be quite long, but considering the fact that we will read a lot later, I can justify it. It’s not so much different than charging the phone from zero. 
The disadvantage in my opinion is still the price, but it it’s a moot case. Even though my wallet suffered while the purchase, it’s a price we pay once for… hopefully as long as possible, because until now I have no problems with my Kindle and it works as new. So considering its good sides I must admit it’s a fair price for the quality and possibilities.
On Kindle you read really comfortably, just switching the pages with the finger like on a normal book. The only thing I don’t like to do in it is to use PDF format, because while I got used to MOBI, I portray PDF’s as less comfortable – but I had to deal with them only during my lectures. So if I would have to make the decision again, I wouldn’t hesitate before buying. However it’s a gadget typically for readers, so if you are afraid that you’d miss games and apps – you may consider just taking a tablet. Otherwise, Kindle is for you!

Kindle Amazon Paperwhite opinion
Kindle Amazon Paperwhite opinion

How’s with you? Do you read? Do you prefer traditional or electronical books? What’s your opinion about them?