easy salad with bulgur and quinoa groatsBulgur groats are my recent discovery. I don’t know how bulgur  could remain unnoticed by me until now, because it is now one of the main ingredients of my favorite salads, often accompanied by quinoa. It works great during this summer heat in the form of cold vegetable salads. With fresh herbs and squeezed lime juice, becomes a light and refreshing treat, which will leave you full for long. 
easy salad with bulgur and quinoa groats


Summer salad with bulgur

To pr
epare you need only a few ingredients, and the meal itself will be ready in less than half an hour. You can eat hot or cold.


– Half a glass of bulgur
– Half a glass of quinoa (I used three colors)
– Fresh cucumber of medium size
– One peppers
– A handful of parsley (you can also add chives)
– Lime or lemon quarter
– Spices: a pinch of salt, pepper, smoked paprika powder, dried tomatoes powder, fresh or powdered garlic, fresh or powdered basil.

easy salad with bulgur and quinoa groats

Preparation of the salad with bulgur and quinoa is trivial:

– Boil the groats until soft (about 15 minutes). I always double the amount of water, ie half a glass of groats I use one glass of water. Groats can be cooked separately, but by pure laziness I often mix them together and everything turns out well.
– Cut fesh cucumber and paprika into small pieces. Mix with the drained groats, season to taste, ad a handful of fresh parsley.
– The best tastes cold with freshly squeezed lime
Bon Appetit!

easy favorite salad idea with bulgur and quinoa