Plitvice Lakes in Croatia – a paradise for discoverers or for the tourists?

The whole journey in the Balkan region took place in the nature – we were enjoying our time sightseeing at the beautiful (and completely empty) beaches by the Croatian coast, lakes or by the river coming out from the Macedonian canyon. That’s why when I heard about the Plitvice Lakes, I knew we had to see it on our way.

I often hear people in delight while they speak about the nature of United States, but Europe has many paradise-like parks as well, which are closer to us, tickets are cheaper and the views equally charming. That’s how it is in case of this park, in which the crystal clear water seemed to be blue. The whole National Park in which you can find kilometers for hiking (but don’t worry, less sporty people can use the bus!) is a fantastic place, worth seeing. However before you consider going there, I would like to share with you my tips, which can make your travel easier and more pleasant.
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How to get to the National Park and how much is the ticket?

Plitvice Lakes are located in Croatia, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegowina (53231, Plitvički Ljeskovac, Croatia). Prices differ according to the discounts (for students or retired people) and the season. For the adults it varies between 55HRK outside the season and 180HRK in the middle of the season. Students before the season will pay 45HRK, and in the season 110HRK. In the price of the ticket there are included bus rides with electrical buses inside of the park and ferries. However you can viit the park how you like (we used the bus only once on the way back after hours of hiking).
You can reach the park by bus or car, but you need to remember that parking costs there around 7HRK per hour.


Things to remember about before the visit in the Plitvice Lakes National Park

Bathing there is forbidden due to the nature protection, but nothing stands against organizing a nice picnic in there and spend some time on the blanket among the hiking time. It’s good to remember about taking the comfortable shoes if you plan to cross those paths by yourself – the sun protector would also be an advantage if you go there during the biggest heat.
On the area of the park there are available toilets and coffee places, but personally I would recommend taking your own food (especially water bottle which you can refill there), which would be useful during the whole day in this place.
I have also noticed many families with children, however I didn’t see any special facilities for them (no ramps) and it’s good to keep it in mind. Unfortunately the amount of tourists sightseeing during the high season was very big, and that caused the most beautiful places to be very crouded, and of course, it took away a piece of its charm. I would love to see this place again, but definitely off the season.

Nature in the National Park

Wonderful waterfalls, water which shows the bottom of the lake, romantic corners and green surrounding you everywhere. That’s how shortly I can describe this amazing place, but it doesn’t reflect the whole beauty. So check out the pictures I have taken there and inspire yourself to visit the park!

Have you ever been there? What’s your opinion about this place?