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I think I still don’t believe it yet, but the past month has been truly groundbreaking when it comes to my blogging. Not so long time ago I finally decided myself to buy the new camera for my travelr. Now a new laptop joined the team (thanks to this editing pictures and videos is finally a pleasure!). And the blog couldn’t resist changes neither. Moving the blog from Blogger to WordPress has been something that I had in mind for some time already, but I didn’t know if this step is worth the try, and how to do it. Moving to WordPress finally became real, as you can see now – reading this blog post on the new domain ( with the new layout and a pinch of a new motivation for blogging.

How did I move my blog to WordPress and was it worth it?

przeniesienie bloga z blogger na wordpressMoving the blog from Blogger to WordPress

Until now my blog consisted of two separate pages with two different domains. The one written in Polish had an ending .pl, and in English .eu. It wasn’t the best solution to be honest, but having in mind how restricted blogger is; it wasn’t the worst one neither. Thanks to this I manager to avoid long and full of translation posts, and the readers could easily move around the page with the language that suits tchem. After some time though it became a bit annoying – not only all of the blog posts had to be translated and added to the separate blog, but all the photos had to be loaded again. I think that after some time I just became tired of how blogger restricts and limits my work; which wasn’t the case in the beginning of my blogging adventure. After so many years in the internet I know now that blogging is indeed something I want to do longer, and sharing my travels and inspiring the readers makes me truly happy. So I believe investing in the new (and better) quality was a right step to do.

Is moving from Blogger to WordPress complicated?

Yes and no. First of all I bought a new domain with the hosting from OVH, which automatically installed WordPress for me on my server. I believe it made it all much easier. You can copy all your blog posts from Bloggerto WordPress on your on. You just have to pick the option “make the copy of the blog” and upload it to WordPress in the “import” option (mark also all the photos). It was a bit more complicated for me, because not only I had to upload two separate blogs but also two different languages. Standard import option didn’t work so well, so I installed a plugin called “blogger importer extended” which worked a bit better. Then I installed another plugin “Polylang” for the language switching options – and it was the longest and most boring part. All of the blog posts had to be matched to their language (manually editing). But thanks to this, when you click on the flag on the top of the page, you can read the blog in English or Polish only.

przeniesienie bloga z blogger na wordpress jakThe biggest advantages of moving the blog to WordPress

Except of obviously easier task when it comes to the double language blog, WordPress offers a whole lot of plugins, which are suitable with Google search engine. And they help to match your blog to your needs. After so many years on Blogger I’m also pleasantly surprised with the easiness of the use of this service. And that I can finally write the better descriptions for my uploaded photos. I like the new aesthetics of the blog and that it’s definitely well matched to different browsers and devices. I have a feeling that I made a huge step forward when it comes to blogging and I’m pleased with the results! And also, I was worried that WordPress is expensive, and actually it turned out to be cheaper than having two separate domains for Blogger. It’s a big advantage.

What do you think of the new page? Let me know in the comments!