simple recipe salad bulgur black cumin seeds
I’ve been hearing about the positive properties of black cumin seeds from my mum from time to time.
As a fan of healthy food she praised the taste, especially as a healthy addition to the salad. It turns out that black cumin seeds are fitting for almost any dish, and it can also be found in the form of oil, and in the daily cooking can even replace the black pepper. And although in excess the taste is too strong for me, a pinch for the salads works great. Here, in combination with bulgur, fresh cucumber, black olives and sheep’s milk feta cheese, it tasted great. This is my second approach to the summer, refreshing salad with bulgur and once again I was not disappointed. These light meals are ideal for hot weather. Especially since you do not have to waste a lot of time in the kitchen, and instead you can pack it with you and dine by the lake or on the terrace.
simple recipe salad bulgur black cumin seeds

 Ingredients for a delicious and simple salad with bulgur:

– a glass of bulgur groats
– a handful of fresh parsley
– 2-3 fresh cucumbers
– handful of black olives without the seeds
– half a package of feta cheese (I used sheep’s milk)
– pinch of salt, pepper, black cumin seeds, dried tomatoes
– lime quarter

Preparing the salad:

1. Cook the bulgur until soft (about 15 minutes), strain.
2. Peel the cucumbers and cut into small pieces, add chopped olives and feta cheese. Mix with bulgur.
3. Add the sliced parsley and season to taste.
4. Salad tastes best cold served with freshly squeezed lime quarter.
Bon appetit!

simple recipe salad bulgur black cumin seeds

What are your favorite recipes with bulgur?