The girl behind this blog

Hi! I’m Magda, and here’s my corner in which I’m sharing with you my travels, photography, inspirations and ideas. Where it all began? In 2011 I’ve described my page this way:

It all started under the name Sztuka Studiowania (Art of Studying) in September 2011, because I wanted to have a place, where I could share my ideas and inspirations with other people. My blog is a compilation of two things that I currently do in life – I’m a student and I develop my passions when it comes to art (I love painting, photographing and finding beauty in an everyday life).

In the meantime both, my blog and my life experienced various changes. In 2014 I decided to take a step forward and connect studying with my dream of living in Scandinavia. While not knowing anyone in there, never visiting Sweden before and not knowing what waits for me in there, I packed myself into two bags and started my lonely journey towards unknown. Many times in my blog posts I mention that life starts where comfort zone ends – and I’m not groundless with saying that!
The time spent in Sweden has been one of the best moments of my life, and a part of my heart will always stay in Falun. Especially that exactly there I fell in love with an amazing Austrian, who makes me feel like the luckiest girl everyday!

I believe that we choose our happiness and our future. The year 2016 it was the time when I decided to take the risk and spend it in the long distance relationship, crossing a thousand of kilometers at least once or twice a month, while finishing my Master’s degree and additional weekend studies in Poland. Until now I don’t know how I’ve managed to achieved it all, but Master’s thesis with distinction and a happy relationship proves that everything went according to plan!

I like changes. The feeling of uncertainty that accompanies it. New beginnings and exciting adventures. After the long Balkan trip I’ve made my decision to cross another thousand of kilometers – but this time to the south of Europe and discover the charms of the Austrian city of Graz, where I live. I wrote about it this way:

And then I realized that I truly stand in front of the endless possibilities. That I’m not limited by anything except of myself. And that’s the hardest part. Many people are lost in those possibilities, not being able to choose what’s important for them. When they can do everything, move anywhere, they don’t use this chance because of the fear or comfort, staying in so called “comfort zone”. Luckily I left mine two countries behind me.

Changes are the new chances. It’s only up to us what we’re gonna do with them. And even though sometimes it may require from us a bit more of engagement and effort, in the end it always turns out that it was worth it. So I like to think about life as the butterfly effect. If I wouldn’t risk moving to Sweden, I wouldn’t fall in love, I wouldn’t live in Austria and… I wouldn’t find my dream job by the accidental meeting in the forest. 🙂 The beginning of 2017 proved me once more that I’m on the right track. And can be only better!

My blog is a place, where I try to encourage everyone to find the happiness in their life and to fulfill their dreams. In most cases what makes us smile is within the reach of our hand. It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to achieve. The beauty is hidden in details.
So feel free and find some inspiration in my posts! 🙂