While watching the Top Gear crew facing Romania, I didn’t think that I will have the chance to check out exactly the same road as they did. Luckily the views on the way turned out to be so movie-alike that Clarkson’s quotation describes it perfectly as: “That’s what we came here for!”. Transfogarasan highway, or rather Transfăgărășan in Romanian language is the highest located road (DN7C) with the total lenght of 151km (around 90km is curvy) and height of 2034 meters above sea level. This road crosses the highest mountain range of Romanian Carpathian Mountains (Fagaras Mountains). And except of amazing mountain views, sheep all around and wildly walking donkeys, this place offers us much more than all the mountain roads taken together. It’s the most curvy and crazy road as you can possibly imagine. And that’s why it was proudly described in Top Gear as the best road in the world. You don’t believe me? Read more


How to get to Transfăgărășan in Romania?

The most convenient transportation would be a car, however Romanian roads are far from perfect. Transfagarasan highway is also popular among the bikers, and you can watch multiple go-pro videos on YouTube from their adventures. But what surprised me the most was seeing the cyclists as well! Turns out that even mountains like those aren’t stopping the biggest lovers of active holidays.
 The exact GPS location of the Transfagarasan is: 45°35′25,14″N 24°37′42,35″E. (Argeș, Sibiu).


Transfagarasan highway in Top Gear episode

If you’re curious to see the episode I mentioned, here you can find a part of it: tutaj.

Is it worth to visit Romania?

 Totally yes. I think that Romania is one of the most underestimated countries and I’ve been an example of it. The lovers of castles, mountains and nature, and most of all good (and reasonably priced food) would find something for themselves in there. Romania was a great travel spot also because of the possibility of finding the perfect spots for the tent. Also, in Romania the local currency is Lej (RON) and I would strongly advise to exchange the money before reaching the destination – in some regions the access to ATM or card payments may be limited.
 Our stops in Romania were: Carta (in Transilvania), mentioned Transfagarasan highway in the mountains, Murighiol by the Donau Delta, Bukarest and Timisoara. In total we’ve spent there 5 nights and crossed over 1400km.


Transfagarasan highway – when it’s opened?

Even though you don’t need to pay to travel on this divine road, you need to remember about the opening season. The road is closed around November due to the hard atmospherical conditions and opened again around June. Also remember to follow the speed limit which is 40km/h in each part of the highway. Unfortunately the car races like in Top Gear aren’t the best option in there.

Recommended camping spot near Transfagarasan highway

Camping De Oude Wilg it’s the best option for all the fans of camping. It’s located in Carta no311, Carta Sibiu, 557070 Romania. You can contact the owners by the phone call under
+40 269 521 347 (also in English). The camping offers spots for the cars as well, you can come with your pets, WiFi is available, sanitary rooms are clean, kitchen is available too. And as for the welcome gift you get a shot of cherry liquor. 🙂
You can spot many sheep in the area. Some of them marked with paint so the shepards would find theirs flock of sheep.
Which places in Romania stole your heart?