In a daily life many people tend to postpone their holidays for later. But with a pinch of a good will, the short trip may be truly beneficial and equally relaxing and inspiring as the real vacation. That may explain why so called “city breaks”, usually the weekend getaways to the capitals or big cities, are so popular. With the good and unexpensive flights, every place becomes open to be visited. But what can we do when we’re stuck in the smaller cities? Or what can you do when you’re not a fan of the crowded places? It’s always a good idea to visit the neighborhoods, which we tend to skip, drink a coffee outside or have a bike ride with a nice view. That’s why this year’s long May weekend we’ve spent in Austrian Tainach, located in the picturesque, mountain region.
If you’re one of those people who have limited time, but like to spend time outside, I listed 10 weekend ideas, which you can use with limited budget as well.

Long May weekend in Tainach

Tainach is a small, Austrian village located by the border with Slovenia. It’s a perfect choice for all kinds of bike trips, picnics, or just walks in the nature. I’m still amazed that it’s enough to drive around one hour from Graz and the landscape looks completely different. Seeing how beautiful it’s around here I understood how important it’s to make those little getaways with the closest ones, to relax after the long week and come back to work with some new energy. Real Quality time, because the bike rides, lunches outside and card games played in the evening it’s the best that can be. The time spent in a place like this seems to fly a bit slower. You don’t need to rush anywhere, and that’s the most beautiful thing about it! After I came back home, a bit tanned, I felt like I’ve spent there at least a week.

Why it’s worth to organize a weekend getaway?

Most of all, we cut the costs. Even the biggest capitals of the countries are offering the tourist-friendly prices – especially if we’re able to cut the luxurious choices in the name of a good price. All in all during the weekend trip, the time spent in the hotel is limited either way.
At also, weekend trips will make you feel better. It doesn’t have to be long and you don’t need to discover the end of the world, but even one day of a holiday will make you rest a bit and have a deep breath outside of town. Nothing affects your health as negatively as the stress that surrounds us everywhere – but it can be reduced easily: a blanket, a book, beautiful meadow or a field, barbecue, trip to the lakeside. Short trips have also another benefit, and that is: you don’t need to worry to much about the organisation. You don’t need to plan the whole week ahead and worry if you’ll manage to see it all, because you won’t.

10 ideas for a weekend getaway:

1. Capitals

While living in a city with the airport access, for sure you’ve seen the last minute offers, even with the comback in the same day. It’s good to take a look at it, because they allow you to proceed sightseeing during the day, and in the evening you won’t have to worry about the hotel. Good option is also to fly for the full weekend, but that’s often offered in truly last moment. While planning a city break like this one, it’s a smart thing to keep a packed backpack nearby and a travel companion, who’d willingly agree to the question: “Do we fly in an hour?”


2. Car roadtrip

It’s definitely one of my favorite options and most of my best remembered travels happened to be a roadtrip type of sightseeing. An examplary one may be my trip to croatian town Rovinj (read about it here) with my boyfriend and our friends. For those for who Croatia would be too far, they can find something special close to the places they live in. Usually in case of roadtrips, I try to keep it not longer than 4-5h of drive daily.

3. Barbecue outside of the town

By bike, car or even by bus. You can use one-use barbecue tray or pack the standard one.

4. Picnic in the city

While still staying in the town, you can plan a fantastic day. It’s enough to pack a bag with some food, blanket, drinks, invite your friends and go to the city park. While living in Szczecin (Poland), popular spot was Park Kasprowicza, in Falun we used to meet up to have a picnic by the lakeside.

5. Bonfire in the evening

Even the best restaurant can’t compete with the flavor of the baked, hot potatoes straight from the bonfire, eaten with some cold butter and a pinch of salt. Bonfire outside of the town is a great idea for the evening with friends, especially if it goes along with some guitar playing. Make sure that you start the fire in a place meant for that.

6. Weekend camping

Best place for that would be Sweden, where the law “Allemansrätten” meaning exactly “all men law” allows camping almost everywhere as long as you don’t disturb anyone, don’t destroy the nature and don’t leave trash. Poland isn’t the bad choice either, because for a low price you can find some campsites with the electricity and water access, and many times also with the closeness to the lake.


7. Bike trip in your area

One or two-day bike trip is a great way to spend the time for all fans of acrive rest. You can discover the charm of the small towns that you didn’t want to visit before.

8. Mountain hike or a walk in the forest

Not everyone can enjoy the closeness to the mountains, but if you have them in your regions, spend the weekend hiking and end it with a picnic on the top. While one of my last weekends I’ve hiked up to Plabutsch for the first time (in Graz), where I had a delicious apple tiramisu. It was worth the effort. Forest would be a perfect replacement for those without mountain areas. Forest walk, birds singing around and a picnic – it sounds like a great combination. During Autumn you can connect that with picking mushrooms, and in the summer with picking blueberries. Blueberry desserts will taste amazing after the long day.


9. Photo session with your friends

I love photography since I remember and this type of activity with my friends is not only productive, they get some nice shots and later on you can grab lunch together.

10. Discover the local events

It’s one of the most obvious ideas, but so many times it’s skipped. Go to the local museums, which you’ve never been to before thinking that discovering your own town makes no sense. It’s a big mistake, and a visit in one of them can be very interesting. When was the last time that you’ve been in cinema, theatre, in the zoo or even in the circus? Big towns always offer plenty of exhibitions and events. Use them!

What are your favorite weekend getaway ideas?