Usually I don’t comment on any recent events, or online dramas. I try to keep myself away from all the negativity that doesn’t concern me, and I think it’s a healthy kind of relationship with the social media. However, the recent James Charles vs. Tati feud that has been on everyone’s tongue, made me want to add my few words to this chaos and hopefully encourage you all to reflect a bit on the cruel and ridiculous “cancel culture”. So what is really going on; who are James Charles and Tati and what can we learn out if it?

What is going on with the James Charles vs. Tati feud?

For those who aren’t very familiar with the YouTube personalities, both James Charles, as well as Tati Westbrook are make-up artists and YouTubers, sharing various videos with make-up tutorials, brand deals, reviews, and more. You can count their followers in millions (at the moment when I’m writing it, Tati has over 9 million followers, while James Charles has around 13 million). And they were both successfully releasing their products to the market – James has its own merchandise (clothes) and eye shadow pallets, and Tati Westbrook released her beauty and health supplements. They’re both extremely active in the social media, sharing their everyday life with their followers and claiming to be close friends. Well, until now. The base of the James James Charles vs. Tati feud is quite ridiculous. It all started in the moment James Charles promoted Sugar Bear sleep supplements in his short (and unpaid) Instagram video. Tati felt attacked and offended by the situation, because as she claimed in her now famous youtube video titled “Bye Sister” (reference to the James Charles’ followers, which he calls “Sisters”) – she felt that James, as her friend, shouldn’t promote other brands/supplement rivals of Tati. After Tati’s video full of accusations went live, James Charles created a short apology video. Then lost millions of followers (it is said that he’s the first person on youtube to lose a million of fans under 24 hours period), and the remaining rest picked sides between them. Yes, it’s that ridiculous.

What can we learn from the James Charles vs. Tati feud?

Internet and social media are the great tools for marketing, for connecting with the people around the world, sharing your passions and inspiring others. But it’s also a cruel and unfair place and people that are willing to judge based on the cover. That’s no secret that where big money is involved, big dramas may occur. James Charles vs. Tati feud is just a perfect example of how little things can blow up big in the Internet. It teaches us a lot about social media and I believe it’s a valuable lesson for all the small or big creators out there. That no matter what you do, or who are you friends with, you may experience unfairness or hate from the people which you didn’t hurt personally. In this James Charles vs. Tati feud the audience plays the roles of the judges, even though: a) they don’t know both James and Tati personally b) they have scraps of unconfirmed information c) they’re judging someone else’s private life and d) they’re enjoying spreading hate. The conflict between those two youtubers should be resolved face to face (or at least by the phone call), and instead it grows to the range of a literally, international conflict. This James Charles vs. Tati conflict shows that you can never truly trust social media relations (or social media friendships), not even taking your own followers for granted. People love drama, love judging, hating and making fun. Social media drama encourages the worst in many of them.

What James Charles vs. Tati feud tells us about the cancel culture?

Cancel culture is a term used to refer to the phenomenon of “cancelling” or no longer morally, financially, and/or digitally supporting people—usually celebrities—events, art works such as songs, films or TV shows, or things that many have deemed unacceptable or problematic”. It’s a perfect quote to describe what is currently going on in the media regarding James Charles vs. Tati conflict. I’ve seen countless videos on instagram featuring kids throwing away the eyeshadow palettes, sweatshirts and other merchandise signed by James. And all of that because of someone’s video with accusations (not taking sides here). That makes me wonder – if those millions of fans have been on his profile because of the make-up skills/reviews/cosmetics and other products, why on earth are they so bothered with his backstage problems if the reasons why they supported him in the first place were so different? In my opinion cancel culture is like a virus. It literally spreads. It’s so huge, because it’s a kind of a weird game for the people – they feel powerful and important. Being able to “cancel someone”. Being little Julius Cesars showing the thumb down on someone. That’s scary and crazy, but it’s considered as “FUN” by many. It worries me that the new generation is so eager to destroy someone, who they previously willingly supported. And that bothers me that this cancel culture literally allows no second chances. They want them to be gone, destroyed and penniless. It’s sickening – also the fact that those online dramas can truly cause someone to lose friendships (well, probably they weren’t the strongest in the first place), work contracts, brand deals and more.

How to maintain a healthy relationship with the social media in 5 easy steps?

I guess it’s easier for me, because I treat social media purely as entertainment, inspiration and kind of a hobby. Overall this is my place where I share my travels with you. So it’s not my career and my material status doesn’t depend on it at all. However, I know that even if social media isn’t your only job, you can still treat it too personal, get sad or compare yourself to the others. So here are my few main tips on how to maintain the healthy relationship with all the social media platforms (it works for me):

  1. Don’t spread hate. Even if something or someone makes you angry, remember that we’re all just humans. Treat others just as you’d like them to treat you.
  2. Don’t compare yourself or your relations with friends/partner to those people that you see on Youtube/Instagram. People tend to share just the happiest of moments, and keep many other things private. Everyone has ups and downs and no one is perfect.
  3. Social media is responsible for the unnecessary consumerism. Remember that many items featured by the “rich and famous” are gifted and may be a part of the branded deal, instead of the honest review. Think twice before buying something that has been largely promoted in the media.
  4. Behind every extremely successful Youtube/Instagram personality stands a group of advisers, managers and sometimes even lawyers. Just because they strive to be portrayed as relatable, doesn’t mean that they truly are.
  5. Unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself, unhappy or cause negative thoughts. Instead, follow those who inspire you, who make you happy and who share similar values as you.

Tell me how do you maintain a healthy relation with the social media and what’s your opinion about the cancel culture and the online dramas? Let me know in the comments!