Jezioro Bled Słowenia


Bled Lake was particularly interesting to me, when I browsed the list of “most beautiful places to visit in Europe”, which would be approximately in the reach of 2 hours of drive from the Austrian town Graz. While planning the weekend getaway (worth mentioning: with the cat!), I wanted the travel to pass possibly fast, but also so the place wouldn’t be an another boring spot to just take a picture and drive back home. I like to spend my time actively, love to try the local cuisines, but most of all: discover all the mountains and valleys. So Slovenia turned out to be a perfect choice! Slovenian lake Bled isn’t just the ordinary lake: it has an amazing island surrounded by the mountains, which creates a perfect opportunity for hikes. It’s a great place for a getaway during the long May weekend. Worth to add that you can only bath there in one area (nearby the boat and kayak rental) – so it may not be the best choice for those who plan to spend their days off at the beach.

Accommodation by the Lake Bled

While planning to spend an active weekend at the lakeside, I assumed that we would mostly walk around, so all the luxury accommodations seemed unnecessary. I’m happy when I have a comfortable bed and the bathroom access – kitchen is an advantage too! This time we browsed through the offers which allowed cats too. Our choice was a Villa Mint & Lavender and it’s been a while since I was so truly pleased with any accommodation! First of all, there was no extra charge for the cat, second of all, after parking our car in front of the building we didn’t use it for the whole stay, because this place is located about 1 kilometer from the Bled Lake. It’s a perfect opportunity to do some extra walks. The owner was so nice as well! She knew many words in Polish and shares all the useful tips: where to eat well and what to do around the lake. She brought us some pancakes for the breakfast! I felt like home. :)) I truly recommend.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Active weekend by the Bled Lake – possible activities:

  • A walk around the lake and enjoying the views
  • Exploring the viewpoints (more below)
  • Exploring the island in the middle of the Bled Lake and sightseeing in the tiny church
  • Renting a boat or a kayak
  • Bike trip around the lake
  • Bled Castle – the entrance costs 11 euro (adults)
  • Visiting the local coffee spots and trying out the Kremne rezine, kremšnite – local cream pastries
Viewpoint Mala Osojnica at the Lake Bled Slovenia

Viewpoint Mala Osojnica by the Bled Lake

The viewpoint Mala Osojnica by the Bled Lake was my priority! This view appeared in most of the travel blogs about discovering Slovenia. You must admit that this view is phenomenal! From the top of the hill you can see this famous island and the neighboring mountains. Even though the whole weekend has been rather cloudy, the sun appeared almost like ordered, in the moment we’ve reached the peak. Other famous view points are:

  • Velika Osojnica (756m)
  • Ojstrica (610 m) 
  • Mała Osojnica – as in the picture
  • Castle hill
Viewpoint Mala Osojnica Lake Bled Slovenia

Mala Osojnica – how to reach to the viewpoint by the Bled Lake?

Reaching Mala Osojnica isn’t really challenging. The route is marked and is located nearby Camping Bled and Restaurant Camping Bled by the Kidričeva cesta street. But please remember to take comfortable shoes. While walking up, I passed by many tourists (mostly women) with truly improper shoes – flip-flops, sandals, etc. The route leads mostly through the forest, and the road is rocky. It becomes quite steep near the last part. This day all the rocks were slippery because of the rain, and many people had troubles keeping their balance (please take care of your safety and don’t make this mistake). Finally living in Austria paid off! We reached the spot quickly and without any problems. And the view was magnificent!

Lake Bled Slovenia
Lake Bled Slovenia
It’s a truly instagrammable spot at the wooden deck

Weekend at the Bled Lake

It’s an interesting place, because everyone will find something for themselves. The active tourists will definitely enjoy the nature – you can find multiple trekking routes and hiking destinations. Locals also encourage to explore the caves and to join the kayak cruises. Those who are less active, will for sure regenerate in this place. Because even though it’s quite well known, the amount of tourists isn’t overwhelming as in contrary to the Austrian lake Hallstatt.

Lake Bled Slovenia viewpoint

Slovenia definitely surprised me with its beautiful nature. Sometimes it turns out that you don’t need to search far to find a truly fantastic and unique place for the weekend getaway!

Lake Bled Slovenia
Lake Bled Slovenia
Lake Bled Slovenia

Have you ever been in Slovenia? Which place would you recommend me to visit? And if you’ve been to Bled Lake – what do you think about this place?