My 5 powerful tips to maintain the positive mindset

My 5 powerful tips to maintain the positive mindset

My 5 best ways to maintain the positive mindset

Everybody feels lost sometimes. And angry, and sad, and _____ [put your recent negative emotion in the brackets]. It’s ok to not be ok, as they say. But if things tend to swing too rapidly, and it feels like the life is out of our control, it’s the high time to re-evaluate some things.

So the more insights of my daily life I share, the more questions I get about my lifestyle and my attitude, and that’s why I decided to share with you my 5 powerful tips to maintain the positive mindset.

I’ve always been a person, who’s happy about the little things, because first of all: little things are cute (and there’s no arguing about that), and second of all, because it’s all about the details. Both when it comes to material things and to our mindset. But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I don’t get Weltschmerz* sometimes (or at least that’s how I like to describe the feeling of a sudden helplessness that comes together with various life disappointments like not having enough milk for my morning coffee). Because let’s be honest, I wouldn’t trust a person who’s always, *always* happy. That’s fake and I don’t know what kind of secret do you keep behind your stretched smile, Susan, but I bet it’s dark. So instead of falling into some mood swings, here are my best tips to cope with your mindset on a daily basis.

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My 5 best ways to maintain the positive mindset


Maintaining the healthy and positive mindset

I didn’t realize there’s anything special about my mindset or my way of being until some recent talk with my friend Aga, who said that she can always count on a piece of good advice from me, that would somehow help her re-evaluate some things. So as you can see, if she would be up to grading my powerful mindset tips, I would definitely score 10/10, and I would totally not force her to do so (not at all). But anyways, let’s go back to the topic.
So even though I’m really proud of my mindset at the moment, I definitely made my fair share of mistakes in the past too, and I still do them – I’m not a robot and everybody has some weaker days too. Like the ones without the morning coffee. But those things help me out on a daily basis and I believe they will work on you too:
My 5 best ways to maintain the positive mindset


1. TALK. And express your thoughts. No one knows what you’re thinking.

Here’s the thing that I need to constantly remind myself of, but I believe it’s the most important one. Absolutely no one knows what you’re thinking until you won’t articulate it and express how you’re feeling. And I believe that’s the base of 90% problems, which begin in our head. We expect people to know or at least to be able to figure it out what we have in our minds, and that’s the dead end, basically. Clarifying some things and speaking out loud makes life much easier (and saves some time too), even though it may feel scary at first, and that leads us to the point number 2.

2. Remember that most of the time your worst scenario only happens in your head. Try to fight it.

That’s it. It’s 100% me, and probably many of you can relate to it as well. My boyfriend always says that usually when we’re uncertain about something, the worst thing we can hear is just a “no”. I also believe that if we’re already having the negative thoughts about some situation in our heads, the reality can’t be much morse. And what’s funny, every single time, when I tend to panick about something, it turns out that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

3. Accept that you will have some unfinished business and move on

Perhaps it’s the hardest part of maintaining the healthy and positive mindset and I find myself coming back with my thoughts to some things that (in my opinion) were left unfinished for various reasons. No matter if it’s about your friends, relationships, maybe family issues – sometimes if you can’t change the situation, all you can do is to move on. Even if it hurts, it’s not always your fault. Leave all your toxic relationships behind.

4. Do more what makes you happy and don’t apologize for it

Call it a stupid advice, but I tell you that I believe we all should be a bit more selfish sometimes. Wait, what? I’m not joking! So here’s the thing – you agreed to some social plans, because you didn’t want to be rude or didn’t know how to refuse. The time comes and you’re about to go for an event or a meeting you just simply don’t want to participate in. The vision of staying cozy at home, watching the movie you waited the whole week for or catching up with your book – it’s all just so tempting. So instead of letting yourself enjoy the moment either you feel guilty of cancelling, or you go and regret as well. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s totally fine to step out of our comfort zone, but it’s all about the balance. Sometimes the quitet night in is all what is needed to feed our soul.

5. Love yourself first, before someone else

You can try, but you can’t build happiness with someone else if you’re not happy with yourself first. Learn to love and embrace your good sides and work on the flaws. Never let yourself see your value only through someone else’s eyes.

My 5 best ways to maintain the positive mindset

What helps you maintaining the positive mindset? Share with me!