No-rush sightseeing in Vienna – what to see?

No-rush sightseeing in Vienna – what to see?

There’s nothing worse for me than an attempt of seeing absolutely everything that cerain place has to offer in a very limited time. Usually it ends up with everyone feeling tired and frustrated, and in the crazy tempo no one even has time to sit down calmly, have a cup of coffee and feel the vibe of the city while resting. So if you’re also a kind of a traveler that would most likely just prefer enjoying the moment, make a sightseeing without any rush and you don’t mind that you’re not going to check all the “must see” things from your list, this short Vienna guide is right for you. So what to see in Vienna without rush? 

Sightseeing in Vienna with no rush – My guide

Vienna, the capital of Austria is a big, but also beautiful city. It would suit especially to those who admire art, architecture and good coffee. In my opinion this city and all of the monuments create an unique, very pleasant style. I like to simply stroll through the centre, because that’s the best way to discover a new corner or to feel a bit like the local.

However, I don’t like any long lists with never-ending “must see’s” because of two reasons: first of all, discovering Vienna can take ages, and most of the important things are already listed on multiple websites like TripAdvisor (here), and second of all, you may call me ignorant, but I personally don’t know anyone who would rush through the city only to see some figure and then contemplate its features. I would definitely rather opt for organising an interesting and stress-free afternoon.

What to see in Vienna when your time is limited (free sightseeing)

1. Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens – entrance to the gardens is for free!
2. Belvedere Palace and its gardens – here also garden access is free of charge
3. St. Stephen’s Cathedral and inner city strolls
4. Hundertwasserhaus – famous colourful building with the art gallery
5. The area of the Butterfly house – Schmetterlinghaus – a perfect coffee spot

What to try while in Vienna? 

1. Cafe Sacher – famous chocolate cake from Vienna

2. Vienna Naschmarkt – treats from every part of the world and amazing variety of spices to buy and bring home

3. Rooftop bar Lamee with the best view over St. Stephen’s Cathedral – a glass of Austrian drink “Hugo” or local “Spritzer” (white wine with sparkling water) for sure would taste special with this view
4. Kaffe Alt Wien (click) – for the lovers of Viennese coffee, tasty goulash and artistic interior, to feel the vibe of vintage Vienna
5. Manner – A shop at the corner, just by St. Stephen’s Cathedral with the famous Austrian wafers – it’s the only company which is allowed to use the picture of this cathedral in their logo (a fun fact 🙂 ).
What would you recommend to see in Vienna if you have limited time?