If you like the rich chocolate taste of the cremes, for sure you will be interested in the recipe for vegan cake with a creme made of avocado. This dessert doesn’t require baking and it’s ready to eat after just a few hours in the fridge. Sounds interesting?

Avocado is a source of good fats, however most of you knows it as a sandwich or salad addition, usually salty. The combination of the fruit with bitter cacao may be surprising for some, but for no reason. It helps to maintain the smooth and rich consistency, and the flavor isn’t detectable in the cake. At first I was also a little bit skeptical about this invention, but I’ve tried and now I know I will come back to this recipe, which originally comes from the Peaceful Cuisine blog. If you’re interested in other recipes for cacao-flavored desserts, which aren’t requiring baking, check the Swedish chocolate balls and homemade chocolate.

The cake is ready just after few hours in the fridge


The ingredients you need to make a cake:
– 100 g of mixed nuts
– 100 g of coconut shreds
– 60 g of honey (can be also maple syrup or other)

Cacao creme:
– dwa średniej wielkości, miękkie awokado
– 100 g miodu (lub jak powyżej, syropu klonowego, bądź z agawy)
– 80 g prawdziwego, gorzkiego kakao
– 40 g oleju kokosowego
– szczypta wanilii oraz cynamonu do smaku

How to make the cake?

Mix the dry ingredients in the blender (mix of nuts, coconut shreds) with honey. In case of difficulties with having a smooth consistency, in some blenders it’s needed to mix everything a few times (or adding 2-3 tablespoons of water). Mixed nuts place in the cake form (I used heatproof-dish), with the fingers pressing it and shaping the form with the edges. It’s good to press with spatula before adding the creme.
When the bottom is finished, blend two soft avocados (without the seeds and skin) with cacao, honey, coconut oil and a pinch of vanilla and cinnamon. With spoon or spatula add the cream on the bottom, make it smooth and store in the fridge for a couple of hours. Finished!

Have you ever tried combination like this?