It’s 12am, I’m sipping my midday coffee and realize that it’s actually the only kind of drink I had today. I love coffee, that’s for sure, but not when it comes along with some dehydration. So I grab a jug of water and I proudy put it on my desk at work, just so I could forget about its existance a half an hour later. Getting reminded to drink more water by some headache is not the most pleasant way to start the day. But even after trying out an app with reminder, or being gifted a fancy water bottle, I need to admit: me and plain water just don’t get along well.

So in order to stay hydrated during Summer, I needed to figure out some other ideas to trick myself to drink more water. And it works!


Staying hydrated during Summer

I’m a constant traveler. Which means that one day I find myself in front of the desk in the office, and the other I’m already on the plane. It’s great for the midset, but definitely not for the water drinking habits. If I forget about it during everyday chores, I will most likely forget about it while in the travel. It’s especially important during Summer, whether spending it at home or abroad, high temperatures require some extra care when it comes to hydration. But why it’s so hard to keep a track of it?!

How I trick myself to drink more water

  • I have my infuser water bottle always at work –  where I can throw some chopped fruits to the special, separate chamber for infusing water. That was a serious game-changer for me and I can recommend it to everyone. It’s also easy to clean and the parts of fruits aren’t blocking the drinking hole. I try to fill it up at least twice while working.
  • I fill up the water bottle and I bring it to my desk right after making my morning coffee. Otherwise I will most likely forget about drinking for hours. This way I try to make a habit of having some water together with my coffee.
  • I try to have some citrus fruits always around (both at work and at home), so I can add some flavor to my water
  • I try to turn my tasteless, boring water into something more interesting, so I keep some fruits frozen – they work great as a water coolers and they slowly add some flavor
  • I noticed that I will most likely remember of drinking my water once I actually spent some time on preparing it – so I try to make it look appealing, I bring my favorite glass or add extra mint

My 10 favotite infused water combinations to make at home and at work

1. Citrus mix: orange, lime, lemon, fresh mint
2. Spicy: orange, stick of cinnamon, lemon, fresh ginger
3. Mojito: ice cubes, lime (I like to squeeze it for more flavor), fresh mint, a dash of agave sirup
4. Berry: orange, frozen blackberries, frozen blueberries, a few leaves of fresh mint, a slice of lime
5. Tropical: chopped fresh pineapple, mango slices, lemon
6. Fresh: watermelon, fresh basil
7. Sweet: Sliced pear, vanilla (you can use whole vanilla bean, dried vanilla or just a drop of natural vanilla extract), sliced peach
8. Sour: Red grapefruit, orange (normal or red orange), lemon
9. Applepie: Sliced apple, cinnamon stick (or a pinch of powdered cinnamon)
10. Rose: rosewater, sliced orange, ice cubes
What are your favorite infused water recipes? And how do you keep a track of your daily hydration?